Asset Optimization

Asset Optimization

csijpgON-Line Vibration Monitoring Solution

The CSI 6500 Machinery Health Monitor, fully compliant with Ap1670, protects and monitors critical rotating machinery.

CSI 6500/CSI 6500 ATG Machinery Health Monitor – Protection and Prediction in a Single Chassis Fully API 670 compliant with machinery health monitoring. Standard 6U x 19″ wide chassis for cabinet mount. Design ensures that a single circuit failure will not affect more than two channels, including hot swappable module
replacement. Redundant Modbus, TCP or serial, for csi6500integration of protection monitors with 3rd party control systems. Slots for 16 or 32 shutdown relay outputs. 4-20 mA  outputs and buffered outputs rear and front. Includes relay bypass and trip multiply configurable per channel. Power supply external and does not require chassis


Portable Vibration Analyzer

CSI 2140 Machinery Health Analyzer – The Foundation for Effective Machinery

Health Managementcsi2140

Data collection, vibration analysis, alignment and balancing in a single unit embedded intelligence unlocks powerful technology solutions Compact, rugged design holds up to any plant environment Intuitive operation shortens the learning curve for faster implementation. Modular format allows you to add capabilities as your needs change upload data to AMS Suite for a single view of machinery health


CSI 2600:ao_csitech_csi2600rev2_product

Emerson’s CSI 2600 Machinery Health Expert satisfies the need between two-channel portable analyzers and permanently-installed online vibration monitoring. Before a planned outage, connect all 24 channels of the CSI 2600 to simultaneously record continuous time waveform.


AMS Machinery Manager Provides:

Machine health diagnostics from multiple, integrated predictive maintenance technologies for complete picture of the condition of your mechanical assets. Analysis tools for diagnosis and prognosis of machinery health. AMS Suite: Asset Performance Management and other business systems to disseminate machinery health information throughout the enterprise. Real-time asset health integration with control automation systems.


Emerson Wireless Monitoring Systems   emerson5

Wireless monitoring addresses both safety and cost concerns. The CSI 9420 Wireless Vibration Transmitter continually monitors vibration and delivers data and device alerts to extend your predictive intelligence to hazardous and remote locations. With fewer wires and reduced time/cost to install, the CSI 9420 is a cost-efficient means for data collection throughout the plant. The CSI 9420 is just one of many Emerson Smart Wireless solutions.


Emerson Scalable Protection Solutions    

Emerson offers a scalable solution for expanding protection to your non-critical assets. Emerson’s CSI 3000 Machinery Monitor is a field-mounted, dual-channel solution for a variety of machines, including turbo compressors/pumps, centrifuges, blowers, generators and gearboxes. The CSI 9360 Vibration Position Transmitter is a field-configurable 4-20mA transmitter that delivers affordable, basic protection for rotating assets.

Emerson Sensors  emerson6

Emerson’s sensor technologies support the entire measurement chain. With a comprehensive line of sensors all your measurement needs, Emerson is your single source for collecting and communicating vibration data form critical and essential assets in the plant.

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