Proceq SA

Proceq SA

Proceq manufactures quality nondestructive portable testing instruments for metal hardness, concrete properties and paper roll hardness. Proceq invented the Equotip portable metal hardness tester and words first portable proceq_b_w820concrete test hammer, the Schmidt Concrete Test Hammar. The Silver Schmidt portable concrete test hammer belongs to the latest generation of Schmidt Hammers. Proceq also produces other concrete test equipment, such as the Profometer 5+/Profoscope rebar detector and cover meter, the Canine+Corrosion Analyzing Instrument and the Tico Ultrasonic Instrument.

Metal Hardness testers

  1. Equotip 550

The Equotip 550 is the most versatile all-in-one solution for portable hardness testing.equipmentimage_87

Further it is categorized on the basis of three principles.

  • Leeb Hardness
  • Portable Rockwell hardness
  • Ultrasonic Control Impedance (UCI)

The Leeb hardness principle is based on the dynamic (rebound) method and is best suited for on-site testing of heavy, large or already installed parts.

The Portable Rockwell test principle follows the traditional Rockwell static test method which is particularly suited for scratch-sensitive, polished or thin parts as well as for profiles and pipes.

Ultrasonic Contact Impedance (UCI) is suited for objects with any shape and heat-treated surfaces (weld inspection; heat affected zones).

  1. Equotip Piccolo 2 and Bambino 27242-2743903

The Equotip Piccolo 2 and Bambino 2 are both suited for on-site hardness checks of metals where the test indentation should be as small as possible. The Equotip Piccolo 2 offers the same features for metal hardness testing, but offers additionally user defined hardness conversions and the Proceq invented software Piccolo.

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